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Many Mexican organisations are looking abroad for solutions to current and future healthcare challenges. At present, not many foreign SMEs are active in Mexico in the health and life sciences sectors. Especially in terms of apps, drones, blockchain, telemedicine, robotics, genomics and virtual and augmented reality. On this page we offer you more insights into the sector and the opportunities that you as a Dutch entrepreneur could use in Mexico.


Life Science & Health

The fact that few foreign companies are active in Mexico in these sectors is because there are some obstacles. To get medical equipment, medicines or health care products in Mexico you must have a Mexican company. A Mexican company can register the product and so it can be checked. If you want to conquer healthcare in Mexico with your products, you must set up a company locally. If you do not want to set up a company, you can sell your products by using a local distributor or partner.

For those who want to take up the challenge and are willing to invest time and money, the Mexican market offers many advantages. European products enjoy an excellent reputation in Mexico. High-level stakeholders, such as hospital directors, are often interested in Dutch companies. At the moment, relatively few European companies are active in Mexico. This means that there are many opportunities for Dutch manufacturers of medical devices.

Life Science & Health

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Sector statistics

Mexico is the largest importer of medical devices in Latin America. 94% of all medical devices are imported. This makes Mexico the largest importer, followed by Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

Mexico has a major shortage and uneven distribution of health infrastructure. It is highly concentrated in the three largest Mexican cities. Demand for health care is increasing everywhere, creating opportunities for investment in the construction of public and private hospitals and primary health care.

Finally, the proportion of over-60s living in Mexico is expected to increase from 8.9% to 27% of the total population by 2050. This rapidly changing demographic will pose major challenges to the health system. Mexico will seek solutions from countries experienced in dealing with an aging population.

Sector statistics

Opportunities in the sector

Why there are opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs in these sectors can be found below:

  • Pioneer advantage
  • Good reputation of EU products
  • Largest importer in Latin America
  • Increase in health care infrastructure
  • Rapidly ageing population
Opportunities in the sector

Market report

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