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Agri-food & horticulture are promising sectors in Mexico. As a result of this, Holland House Mexico conducted extensive market research into the opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs, which yielded great results.

In addition, plenty of opportunities exist in high-tech gardening and agriculture, sustainable agriculture in the field of seeds and sperm, and knowledge about production and processing. Finally, as a major exporter of vegetables and flowers to the US, Mexico is an interesting market, which demands extensive knowledge.

Are you active in the Agri-food or horticultural sector? On this page you will find more information about these sectors in Mexico and what opportunities there are for you as a Dutch entrepreneur. The page is split into the following topics:

  • High-tech garden and agriculture
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Food

Hightech tuin- en landbouw

The fact that there are many opportunities in this sector is evident from the fact that several Dutch companies are already active, largely in and around Querétaro. Two examples of active companies are: Koppert, a company that uses specialist knowledge in agriculture to improve the health, resilience and production of crops. They work with insects, which makes it very innovative. In addition, Ridder is also a well-known company active in Mexico. Ridder, offers solutions within agriculture & horticulture and specialises in livestock farming.

Hightech tuin- en landbouw

Sustainable agriculture

Several Dutch market leaders are now active in the Mexican agricultural sector. But this does not mean that there are no more opportunities for new companies on the market. Based on a study by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the opportunities for Dutch organisations are as follows: there is growing interest in Dutch knowledge about agro-parks and agro-logistics; such as improving production chains of tropical fruit, avocados and limes. In addition, there is growing interest in greenhouse technology.

Sustainable agriculture

Agriculture & Horticulture opportunities

Why are there opportunities in agriculture and horticulture for Dutch entrepreneurs in Mexico? An overview:

  • Mexico is the U.S.’s leading supplier of agricultural products, with revenues of $ 27 billion in 2018
  • Mexico is a major importer of oilseeds and meat (beef, pork and poultry)
  • The United States is the major export market for Mexican beer, malt, tomatoes, avocado, berries, walnuts, cucumbers
  • Virtually all breakfasts and meals served in the United States contain fresh produce made in Mexico (or produced in the United States by Mexican companies). Think of baked goods, sausages, avocados, tomatoes, lettuce and fresh vegetables, onions, peppers, strawberries and berries, beer, mezcal and tequila.

The Mexican market demands:

  • Expertise concerns agroparks and agro logistics
  • High-tech gardening and agriculture
Agriculture & Horticulture opportunities

Events or webinars in Agri-food & Horticulture

Do you want to expand your network or talk with fellow entrepreneurs in your sector? View all events and webinars in the Agri-food & Horticulture sector on our website.


The Mexican market is very interesting for Dutch food producers for various reasons. The quality of European products is estimated to be high and there is a great deal of interest in organic, healthy and sustainable products. Dutch entrepreneurs active in this sector are advised to focus on high-income areas and to advertise their products as gourmet products.

Holland House Mexico has examined the product categories Bread & Bakery, Dairy, and Meat & Meat Substitutes.


Bread & Bakery and Dairy

As for the Bread & Bakery section, Mexicans consume a lot of white bread, sweet bread, biscuits and pastries. There are many opportunities for Dutch producers of biscuits, baking mixes and confectionery.

In addition, a lot of dairy is also consumed in Mexico. Are you a Dutch entrepreneur active in the cheese industry? Focus on quality cheese in Mexico, Dutch cheese has a good reputation in the country. There are also opportunities for Dutch powder and canned dairy products.

Bread & Bakery and Dairy


Finally, meat is the most important element in the Mexican diet. A large proportion of the meat consumed is produced domestically. However, there are also great opportunities for Dutch beef and pork. For these products, a renewed trade agreement between Mexico and the EU is yet to be finalized.



Opportunities in the food sector

Which opportunities does the Mexican food industry offer for Dutch entrepreneurs?

Or watch the webinar of Holland House Mexico where the opportunities in the Food & Beverage sector are highlighted.

  • Gourmet products
  • Biological products
  • Target group medium-high income and high income

Think of:

  • Lactose free / gluten free / sugar free
  • Dark whole grain bread
  • Biscuits, cake & biscuit mix, confectionery
  • Quality cheese
  • Powdered and canned dairy
Opportunities in the food sector

Holland House Mexico organized a webinar about opportunities and trends in the Mexican Food & Retail sector. Watch the webinar below!

Market report food and retail

Learn more about the opportunities in the Mexican food retail sector. Download the report below.

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