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Guangzhou is a modern, ambitious industrial city located in southern China’s Pearl River Delta.

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To see how this city (country) is doing economically, we have listed a number of important economic indices. The data comes from the World Bank, so it is reliable and always up-to-date, because it is refreshed automatically. You can also compare the data for this city with that of the other Cities of Opportunity. Click on the plus sign at the top right of the graph and select the relevant country.

Datasource China Netherlands Updated
Economic Growth (GDP Growth) World Bank - 3.65 % 2020 vs 2019 - 5.42 % 2020 vs 2019 30-07-2021
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) World Bank + 442.79 $ 2020 vs 2019 (billions) + 5.19 $ 2020 vs 2019 (billions) 30-07-2021
Ease of doing business index World Bank + 3.98 Ranking 2019 vs 2018 + 0.01 Ranking 2019 vs 2018 30-07-2021
Gross National Income (GNI) World Bank + 361.69 $ 2020 vs 2019 (billions) + 36.3 $ 2019 vs 2018 (billions) 30-07-2021

Facts and Figures China

Capital Beijing (20,000,000 inhabitants)
Other major cities Shanghai (24,000,000 inhabitants), Chongqing (28,000,000 inhabitants), Guangzhou (13,000,000 inhabitants)
Average age 37 years
Surface area 9,562,911 km² – 2018
Number of inhabitants 1,386,000,000 inhabitants – 2017
Time difference +6 hours on Dutch summer time, +7 hours on Dutch winter time
Currency Renminbi Yuan (CNY)
Head of State President Xi Jinping
Language Chinese (Mandarin)

Sectors with opportunities

Automotive China is one of the largest car producers and consumers in the world. One of the main car production bases is located around Guangzhou. Opportunities in this sector lie mainly in R&D collaboration, sales of innovative OEM products and Electric Vehicle technology infrastructure. China offers Dutch companies a huge market, low labor costs and a future as a leading car market and R&D base. In the coming years, China will mainly focus on the production of electric cars. The largest electric transportation market is currently located in the coastal metropolitan areas, such as The Pearl River Delta, around Guangzhou. (Source: RVO)
Horticulture Greenport Holland International sees good opportunities in China for high-quality (turn-key) horticultural projects. Where are the greatest opportunities? 1. Ornamental cultivation: Guangzhou province is the main production region for potted plants. 2. Fruit and vegetables: Dutch companies are not or hardly active in fruit and vegetable production in China. Current developments in the Chinese market are the strong growth of domestic demand for higher quality and safety, a growing demand for packaged food and further development of exports. To make this possible, improvements are needed in varieties, cultivation techniques, chain management, logistics and food processing. (Source: Green Port Holland International and RVO)
Maritime The maritime industry in China in the coming decade will be characterized by further increase in orders, investment in expansion and upgrading of technology in the various sub-sectors. Current technology is being upgraded for the production of premium ships, ocean engineering equipment and the improvement of ship designs. Here are opportunities for Dutch SMEs with high-tech specialization in design, OEM production and new technologies and materials. In addition, the Dutch shipyards can set up joint ventures in China or outsource to the Chinese shipyards (source: RVO).

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